Autopilot Route Planner Settings

With autopilot, I don’t understand some of the settings. Prefer secure, prefer shorter, and prefer less secure seem self explanatory. What I don’t understand is the security penalty setting. Is it like “yeah, I’ll go through low sec if it saves me 30 jumps but not 3”? That would make sense, except nothing really explains what it does.

Another is the system avoidance. I accidentally put a system I passed by a lot on the list. No problem, I can just not avoid avoided systems right? Well, what if I do want to use the avoid systems, but I still want to go through the one I accidentally avoided?

The third is how do way points work? Now this seems simple. Way points should be a way to set things up to go from A to B to C. Except I have no idea how to do that.

if you don’t understand something you probably shouldn’t use it…

and even though it is in the game, autopilot is highly discouraged because you will paint yourself as a target using autopilot

i still find it odd and fascinating (not in a good way) that you are in a corp within an alliance and not one person is taking the time to teach you basic eve stuff without you having to come here so much.

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The route can be planned without actually activating the autopilot.

The slider only affects how many systems are you willing to detour before AP takes you through system that you don’t want to go through.

For example: If I chose route from A to B and set autopilot settings to “prefer less secure”. Moving slider all the way to right will try to plot route only via lowsec and null no matter how many jumps it will take.

Same goes with “prefer safer”. It will try to stay in hisec even if route will take insane amount of jumps. Showing lowsec and null system only when there is no other way past them.

Moving it all the way to left pretty much plots shortest route.


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Geo, OP was talking aboout route planner, not activation the autopilot.
OP: if you accidentally put one system in avoidance list, i think that once you have serached the system in “people and places” (alt-E), right click on the system name and remove it from avoidance list. I am not sure because am not logged in game currently but you can try

yea i realized that now…been working 60 hours a week for a few weeks… mind has been scattered.

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Thanks. One more question. If I set it to a number, say 7, and then say I prefer secure, does that mean it will be willing to take a detour that is up to 7 jumps long (say at a fork the closest route is 4 jumps, but it takes 7 jumps when it tries to stick to high sec) or does it mean it will tolerate a detour that makes my route 7 jumps longer (say the short jump is 30, but if detours keep it within 37 jumps, it will tolerate this)?

Strange someone liked that reply even though he got that one messed up. I mean it’s not wrong to say autopilot will pain myself as a target. Geo has been helpful before and what he said here was even true. However in this particular case it’s not exactly relevant to the topic at hand so it doesn’t really deserve a like

geo just missread and apologized after so everything is fine

It’s definitely not number of jumps. It’s some sort of percentage value or other weird stuff. Not really bothered to test it more and google isn’t helpful either.

No I’m fine with him misreading, he did say he was sorry. We all make mistakes. I just think it shouldn’t be liked.

honestly no one should pay attention to the number of likes, here or on reddit or on social networks;
and the guy who “liked” maybe also missread your post… :wink:


I’m having trouble following your advice

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…to mess with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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