Autopilot - Avoid Lawless Systems

There are already warnings for insurgency, edencom, triglavian and pod killing.

Option to avoid lawless when?

Edit : Mehatoor going lawless has cut Jita ↔ Amarr in half. Damn.


I would like to get the warnings when i “Set destination” and not when im at the gate… thx :slight_smile:

But afaik in most cases the warnings are useless because there is no viable detour

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You can set autopilot to avoid system already


I am enjoying how the system works. If one of you could bring some Clone Soldier tags that would be great, thanks.


Get them yourself.

I think we found a happy customer.


They gave you special snowflake triangles in your autopilot already.


They gave you special low sec status snowflakes yellow and green colors for high sec. Should be enough to prevent mishaps, right?

Please send more of these!! I have mouths to feed ships to build.


Knew there would be someone who would bring that up. That solution avoids the system permanently, rather than conditionally as potentially more/different/fewer systems become lawless.

Any time there is a system in which people can face consequences for not paying attention, someone will face those consequences and will go to forums and ask the devs to make it safe for them again.

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This would make sense if it were not for the fact that when autopilot is set to stay in high security space, it should do exactly that or ‘no route’ like trying to set a destination to a WH system.

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it is high security space.

You seem to be one of the very few who has actually failed to ignore the:

  • autopilot overview warning
  • ccp social media warnings
  • intel channel warnings
  • people warning in local not to jump in
  • people messaging you privately, warning you not to jump in
    and last and most important
  • THE MASSIVE WARNING that popped up when you tried to jump the gate, the game stopped you from jumping, warned you, you closed it and hit the jump button again anyway, then came here to cry about how it should be easier.

Incorrect. Quite the slew of assumptions there.

I set the route, noticed it was through lawless, stayed docked in station, posted on the forum about it and now for the important bit Logged off of Eve and Played Another Game instead while I wait for the lawlessness to go away.

This should never ever be tolerated as a means of informing the player base about in game states. It would be complete unacceptable to sending out a tweet “anyone who flys through Sarum Prime will get deleted, K, thx, bye, lol” would it not?


No different than in real life police announcing on social media that they are doing checkpoints at a particular location. If a person who doesnt have social media and drives drunk through there, he cant get mad at the cops for not telling him.

If the cops advertised where their checkpoints were I would expect them to be getting mad for not catching anybody, rather than people getting mad for getting caught.

But in eve, you have a choice, go through losec or whatever space occupied by bad triangle people, or dont. Find other paths, but autopilot shouldn’t be a safe thing to do without risk

It should be when the setting is literary ‘Stay In High Security Space’

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