Insurgency autopilot problems

Currently there are gate-jump warnings for Corruption/Suppression Level 5 systems but not for Corruption 2+, where pirate gate rats start ganking everyone. The Suppression 5 warning also seems pointless for non-FW people, and there’s no icon in the autopilot list for Corruption below 5.

Currently there’s Corruption 3 in Gheth with Suppression 5 in Mehatoor next door, which results in everyone getting stuck on that gate and ganked by gate rats (with Safety. whoring on the kills of course):

An autopilot setting to avoid Corruption systems altogether would be the solution, just like the Triglavian system avoidance, and/or gate-jump warnings for Corruption 2+ systems.

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Scout. Your. Route.

Yet more mechanics that sound like complete scat.

CCP is just continuing to use NPCs to kill more players because players don’t do that to themselves anymore in big enough numbers. They introduced that with the Diamond Rats in high sec on gates that easily attack a bumped ship and kill it.

Good idea with the warning.

Sounds like a fun place to visit right now.

or, and this is just a crazy idea. be active and play, instead of auto pilot? pay attention to your surroundings and maybe that wont happen? i mean, i wouldnt complain if you guys were dumb enough to auto pilot into pirate space again, i love a loot piniata

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there is a warning, once it gets to corruption 5. but if people actually pay attention to the game, instead of autopiloting in the background, they can check an insurgency map with like 2 clicks. but people like to play lazy

That map is hidden behind menus and hard to read. It doesn’T show your route either in the Insurgency menu. And on the normal map you need to switch to different filters all the time, which is annoying and cumbersome.

This is not easy to use and read and understand. It’S annoying bloat that obfuscates information instead of making it easy to use.

It doesn’t have to be a warning per se: It would already suffice if the affected systems in the route were triangles that tell that something is going on. But the route does not tell you ANYTHING. There is not a single hint that Sifilar, Raa, Mehatoor, Gheth and so on are under Insurgency. That needs to change to reward and empower active gameplay.

The need to check an extra map made for a feature you don’t even use (or, in case of new players sometimes don’t even know about), is simply bad UI design. If you set a waypoint, the UI should very clearly signalize exceptions/overrides to the “standard” space environments. Which means: Insurgencies, Incursions and Trig/Edencom Systems should be clearly marked and give a rough information about what is different from standard-space on mouseover. Autopilot should simply stop before entering these areas (yes even Level1 corruption) by default, with the option to manually override that stop in the settings after you have learned how the mechanics work.

EVE is full of frustrating exceptions and traps for new players where they get wrecked by content that is barely explained and often not even make sense (Hi Autothysian Lancers and their instapop-doomsday reinforcements…). All that stuff should be explained a lot better to avoid that omnipresent feeling of stumbling blind through a minefield, which is what many new players unfortunately experience. (I guide them a lot and thats among the top points when asking them for feedback after a few weeks: The need to constantly google or youtube guides and explanations to avoid being insta-killed by “content” no one even told you about.).

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MMGA (Make Map Great Again).

Getting my loot is fine, but you should have to work for it, you should have to kill me, not random douche NPC that RNG this morning spawned in.