Havoc navigation improvements

I think that the problem is relevant, the theme created in the CSM section is apparently not needed by anyone. CSM doesn’t even look there, it feels like. Thx

so you createt a new thread only to say there is a thread that need some attantion ? …

this called forum spam !

I won’t write any more at all, tech support said to write on the forum, but reactions 0, CSM don’t do their job. Or they perform extremely badly, introducing dubious moments like blanks in contagion. I have already realized that what was introduced will not be corrected, because almost any good idea is introduced a counterargument: Once done, so done, try to adapt to it. Thank you, but I’m not a walker on the forum anymore.

Most of the csm dont visit the forums. Youd have to tag them individually to get their attention or post elsewhere like the discord or reddit


Ill tag him since brisc rubal is on his way out as csm. Mike is about the only one you can tag and see anything on the forums

why is it I feel like a trained dog?

But yes, tagging me does tend to bring me into a convo.

And yes, I have specifically asked CCP to look at autopilot in regards to corrup[tion


Well at least add a warning before jumping into a HighSec insurgency zone and have the systems on your route marked as corrupted… I had an Alt running the Gallente Epic Arc yesterday and all of a sudden he jumped into a stage 4 corrupted system without any hint. How can this be overlooked?

Thanks to everyone who participated in adding these changes.