Avoid Gate as Well as Avoid System

Dear CCP Feature request team,

I have enjoyed your game immensely. However in a recent brainstorm of magnificantatiously mega proportions i thought about the auto route feature.

You currently are able to avoid a system. This is good and avoids most podding.

However, if it is possible can we also be more granular. By this I mean just avoid a gate.

For example pirates may be gate camping a system. And some will say they are on xxx-4353 gate. So you just add that to the avoid gate list.

And “Swooosh” gate camp avoided as you go to that system.

Many thanks.


P.S. wardec’ is broken.
P.P.S Grand prix is amazing

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…If they’re gate-camping XYZ gate… put XYZ system on avoidance? I mean, to be fair, if someone is gatecamping a system, it’s usually for one of two reasons: one, it’s an entry to a “prized” system, or two, there are only 2 gates in the system to begin with.

Besides, there are some systems that are located in such places that you either brave the gatecamps, or you take a detour around the entire galaxy.

Thanks, I’m not looking for help on gate camps. Just posting a feature request to CCP.

EVE is not fair - gate camps are not exploits. Anyone is free to gatecamp any system or gate.

Sorry, you do know there are other systems with more or less than two gates. So to be fair. If you do the math and the max gates I’ve seen in a system is 5. Then your situation applies to a fifth of the types of gates. So to be fair, usually majority rules. 4 out of the 5 types of systems would not apply to your edge case.

Besides? So without calculating all the system types and actual instances, you think “some systems” you will have to brave.

So this is my point. for a system you have to get to or go through; add that naughty gate to an avoidance list.

Or else brave the gate camp. I agree.

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