High-sec gate camps

How do you survive a Triglavian gate camp in high-sec?

A lot of players in highsec are opposed against code, But if your just a miner not a fighter buying a permit is not a bad idea. But as for trigs, Aiko is just toying at you. :slight_smile: Trigs are none player entities.

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Yeah, I like to avoid fighting if I can get away with it. Especially since this is a game, getting into arguments with other players is just silly to be honest.

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That’s not true at all. Where do you think Aikos come from?

Calm down Ridley.

Persistent thread jacking should result in permanent bans.

I have been shot up loads by the trigs but only in an Edencom controlled system. My experience is limited but here is my advice, and its not necessary to obey all points to live. Any one point could save you.

Don’t use auto pilot. When warping to a gate you want to be using the “jump” command to initiate the warp so you arrive close enough to zero you jump almost immediately.

Use a cloak. Any cloak will do. After jumping, drop you automatic post-jump cloak, align and then immediatly turn on your manual cloak. If using a covert cloak you can just warp away cloaked and be safe. If not, you should be able to drop cloak in that aligned state and make it out safe UNLESS you are in a very slow ship, in which case you should use the cloak/mwd trick.

Travel with some tank. My experience suggests you don’t need much to survive initial shots, but if you linger they will gang up on you and destroy you.

Don’t ignore warnings you get at gates telling you there is a trig invasion on the other side. Even if Edencom has control, there could still be a trig gate camp there.

If you see a gate warning, check Zkill for that system and use that intel. Maybe you will need to wait because as far as I know, trig camps only last several minutes. The only thing is, they may come back soon after leaving.

Don’t warp to the sun. They sometimes amass there.

Know exactly where you will warp before you jump and be ready to warp immediately after jumping. With the trigs, waiting won’t matter technically, but it may help to wait until they have focused on some other target, or wait until they have moved further from your location before decloaking and warping off.

Mostly you need to be fast in some way or use cloak as a buffer to your slowness. Really any fast to warp ship should be fine. A bit slow and you will take a bit of damage but make it out alive.

Oh, and don’t try to make a quick U-turn and jump out of the gate you just came though. They have this anchor weapon thing and its like a super web. You will need to warp out and then warp back (to zero) if you want to go back.

Someone may have better advice but everything up to now has been pure scam.


Thank you!!!

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EDI also runs dual standings fleet, which allow you to get positive standings with both Edencom and the trigs. So, you wouldn’t even have to worry about getting attacked.

Join their discord for more information.

Well, I’m came from Drifter lineage so who Am I to question Triglavian lineage… :muscle:

Im going to ask once nicely.

Could you please refrain from using that word?

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Stay on topic!

How high of standings would you need to not get attacked by trigs?

Jump to pochven and target paint few npc drones and drifters. Once they are killed (NPC will fight with each other) you will receive positive standings with trigs and edencom. Repeat until you are neutral for both sides (standings above 0.0)

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…jump to Pochven

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Use filament. it cost less than 1 mil. Don’t forget to also bring one that will get you back.

@Lis_Torin is there any data sites in pochven? I want to try exploring there in a anathema.

I don’t know. Didn’t bothered to waste my time there, expect fixing my standings and using it as exit with filaments. But there are some cosmic signatures out there so try your luck.

Right now, your best bet for exploration are event sites in LS anyway.

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Easy… Fly an Instawarp ship and don’t use autopilot.

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You dont?

But to be serious, there are warp stabilizers and cloaked ships, you can use the covert cloak or warp+cloak trick.


I’m a bit confused, ppl say safest is null, other says it’s hisec, think wh is the safest then xD