Triglavian Gate Camps


Please, ¿can someone advice me what I can do to avoid red triglavian gate camps while roaming FW/PVP?

The problem is that they instatarget you and instakill you. I have no problem passing throught when there is only sentry big guns; but when in the othe side is a red ship party, its sure dead. Rush back to gate is dead, try to jump to next gate, more dead. Its like a super trap. I have enabled the warnings for triglavian systems prior jumping, but the advert dont tell if its a big red party or just a triglavian sentry guns. Checking eve map doesnt distinguish between types oftriglavian invasions/systems, it only marks with a dot that the system is invaded, and messes my FW sovereign map… So I usually roam lowsec for FW/PVP, and cant detect in map any way to detect triglavian gate camps from simple sentry guns camp.

The problem is that sometimes i need to pass thought a specific gate to go to somewhere. And there is plenty of triglavian systems, I cant avoid all.

I lost a lot of isk, and cant find a workaround…

A lot of thanks for your help.

What ships are you using?
Small, fast aligning ships can pass through.
Keep gate cloak until you know where to go. Normally, you appear on grid with the first movement order - let this be your “jump” order. So you’re just a few seconds on grid, in a small ship usually that’s not enough to be locked. Didn’t try a Cruiser yet.

Another way is to get a positive standing with the trigs, so they don’t shoot at you at all. To obtain this status, you have to kill some Edencom ships. But well, you might dislike those Edencom fleets, too.

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A frigate, a Merlin, for example. Top Skills. 3.36 seconds align time…

One thing to think about is that the Trigs don’t stay on the gate very long. Even your invulnerability timer can be enough time for some of them to dissipate.

As far I know the timer is one minute… are you sugesting that I wait until 55-59 seconds and try to warp to some place?


In my limited Triglavian experience, I have seen incredible, hopelessly huge NPC gate camps. Within only ~30 seconds or so, a big chunk of the camp would warp off somewhere else. These things move around A LOT. Whether or not it will save your ship? I don’t know. But those giant Trig fleets are usually several smaller fleets, each with their own AI.

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Additionally you may find the list of Triglavian occupied sites useful.

So saying, there’s a distinct possibility that this “problem” will go away along with the impacted systems…

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Not to “some place” but directly to the jump gate, initiating jump before you reach the gate. Trigs love to bwait at some places like moons or the sun.

You mean going back the gate i come frome? When I see a red triglavian party I only see two options: click jump on the next gate or come back from the gate I just appeared. The first option its a sure dead, the second option its also a sure dead. The only thing left to try for me is to overload afterburner and start repairing just hiting back aproaching to gate…

Tried, you have to aling within less than 3 seconds… That’s possible, but thrilling :slight_smile:
Pods, Shuttles and some Frigs can make it.

I think he means to warp to the next gate (why else do you enter the system) and jump immediately by already choosing “jump” at the beginning. This is a standard gtfo situation, returning to the gate is deadly, as you mentioned.

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Maybe you can make a deal.

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  1. Find EDENCOM ships.
  2. Shoot at them (in a Corvette if you want).
  3. Obtain Triglavian standings.
  4. Problem solved.

… as long as you don’t want to cross Edencom Fortress Systems.

Yeah then the reverse applies. You’ll have to make a choice here.

One addition, shooting is not sufficient, you have to kill something. And yes, sadly you have to choose nowadays, but for Black Rise you are much better going with Trigs neutral.

Not exactly. It’s a bit obfuscated what gets you the standing change. I’ve managed to do with my main, every time I attacked EDENCOM in a Corvette and got blown up my standings were affected. Didn’t work on my other character though. So I moved that one to hisec, started shooting at EDENCOM rats I thought would die to other players soon (as “ship kill” is indeed the reason for the standings change). Didn’t work either, at least not right away.

Next day I log on with that character and somehow, somewhere, I got the standings change. None of my characters actually killed EDENCOM ship before they got their first change.

It could take anything up to 20 minutes for the standings-change to show.

Correct. The game seems to handle EC / Trig standings a little differently then normal standings though. You get a similar kind of popup but you can see the design is slightly different from the normal ones you get. I think these changes also happen a few minutes after certain thresholds are reached, such as completing and EDONCOM Forward Post. I got notifications for those like clockwork. I think the ones you get from aggro-ing ships outside of sites is indeed done in 20 minutes intervals.

(for clarity: I had been dicking around with that alt for at least two hours without any standings changes. It seems unreliable, so perhaps you must do at least X damage or whatnot).

Also can a Sunesis destroyer

If you only want to use it for hauling you can alter the fit accordingly for additional tank and cargo space.

Though keep in mind there are player gatecampers who might specialize in catching sub 2 sec ships or you can get a lag spike or disconnect or whatever other reason to lose your ship still, so as always only fly what you can afford to lose or replace.

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