Surviving Triglavian gate camps?

Is it possible to survive a gate camp by the Triglavians? If so, how is it done?

It depends on the ship your in. If your in a fast ship you should just be able to fly out.

If you have zero negative standing you can get on one sleeper, drifter, or drone kill in Pochven to get positive standing and they won’t attack you at all. They are also pretty slow locking so you can just be fast enough and go right by them.

I found a really good step by step guide, that even a newbie can follow, to get positive standings with both Trigs as Edencom. Beyond watching the guide it takes some 20-30 minutes of “work” and will take at least one death and podkill, possibly more if you’re unlucky.

It already saved my ship once as I warped to a gate while tabbed out, when tabbing back I was surrounded by trigs and player wrecks. They never touched me. I’ve now done it on all characters that undock.


You should be able to fit 4 warp stabilizers and some decent buffer shield tank in the mids as your traveling fit. Or armor buffer tank in low if you have place. Then just warp out. This works with up to 2 scramblers.

If there are 3 scramblers, you will have to use ecm drones against one of the scramblers, or fit 6 warp stabilizers.

Alternatively you may use ships that have covert ops cloak and can warp cloaked, or you may want to scan your route ahead.

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