How to get Triglavians to move

Any ideas? I wanted to experiment with speed but so far 3.1km/s isnt enough.

I was thinking if I warp at distance and bait.

But would they warp back to their camp. Or camp the new spot?

And what causes them to warp to new camp?

They seem to go where players are at stationd/gates. But I have no proof. But baiting them away that way seems a possibility?


Well, not much verified info available from CCP, however there is a lot of conjecture and theory crafting being done by players.

What I find strange is that after I entered a system with an active Emerging Conduit anomaly site, I cloaked warped my T3 Cruiser to a random distance from the sun so I could check Regional Market details. Just as soon as I came out of warp, still cloaked, 2 Triglavian Scouts warped in and landed about 50 to 60 km range from me.

Now what the hell is up with that crap?

Basically I realized right then and there that CCP did a crap-ass job of programming that content, either they completely forgot about it or they rushed to implement it into the game and didn’t have time to fully complete the programming for that code. Either way it’s messed up.

Anyway, I just docked in a station and checked Market Details there, only took a few minutes to actually find the info I was looking for but come on man, NPC’s warping in at the sun when I warped there under Covert Ops cloak?

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Triglevian are simply warping around „usual“ points during their patrol and the sun is on their route as it’s in PVP a frequent space of activity.
Triglevian are mimicking PVP player behavior to some extent.

And yes, you can drag them away from a spot if you are the only one nearby and they follow you. At least I managed to drag them (unintentionally) several 100 km away from their conduit starting point by just fighting them from range.

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It’s more than just simply warping around supposedly mimicking PvP actions.

There were no Trig Scouts on gate after I entered the system so they definitely didn’t see me warp to the sun. More importantly I warp cloaked away so even if they were there, they wouldn’t have known where I was going.

The fact is they spawn warped in just as soon as I landed on grid, just like regular NPC’s do in Asteroid Belts. Obviously CCP programmed them to spawn at specific locations within the system whenever a player ship lands on those specific grids, regardless if that ship is cloaked or not. That is not typical player action.


I’m pretty sure after my testing that it works like this:

Campers on Gate detect new ship arrival.
Randomly selected Triglavians switch their patrol camps.

It seems to be that every time I gate in…the camps move, but when I warp to various places, the camps don’t really do too much.

I got them to move away just fine.
Warp in. Burn away. They follow.
That was two, maybe three weeks ago.

Are we talking about these weird structures in highsec,
where they spawn out of these holes in the middle?

Ah, we’re not. :slight_smile:

At what speed? I was at 3km/s .and caught. And do they stay away once you warp out?

Best way to get them to move is to raise their property taxes.


Talk about conjecture…

It’s not conjecture, it’s fact.

How about you try posting facts as well instead of trying to troll others.

How is what you said not conjecture…? Where are your sources, beyond your personal experience? Have you seen the code that controls the Trigs?

How about you try posting facts instead of shitting on the devs’ programming based on nothing

Ahhh, you’re just a noob CCP fanboy troll.

Don’t have to see the code, can easily see how they’re programed just by being in the game with them, maybe you should try that sometime instead of White Knighting here for CCP’s messed up content.

Whether you like it or not, as a paying customer for 11 years I have every right to post my review of the product / service I’m receiving.

Here’s an idea, how about you go in-game and gain some actual experience to contribute to the conversation instead of troll posting.

LOL. 30 minutes for you to type that. Figures.

I’ll point out that you didn’t actually address the fact that you claimed there’s lots of conjecture about the Trigs, then conjected about it. But, you know, you do you.

Figures you’re dumb enough not to consider I’m doing other things as well, what an asshat.

Ah there’s the insults.

Obviously all you can do is post more troll replies since you can’t contribute any info to the thread topic.

Come back when you have some experience to share.

I won’t do that because I don’t share my personal experiences as fact about the underlying programming of the game.


lol, you’re a 6 month old noob so it’s no surprise that you have no experience to share, except for troll posting.

My frig was faster. At least 5kmsec. Their frig reaches 3kmsec iirc,
so you have to beat that. They’ve been following me 1000km. I went afk burning out.

I can’t tell if they stay away when you warp out. More likely they that
warp back or respawn at the original spot, just like all rats do, but I don’t know.

I really wouldn’t bet on this making the site reliably minable.
We can never tell if CCP doesn’t notice and adjust them, as they should.

Oh … I forgot. Initially I thought you were talking about these tree-like structures,
I keep forgetting what they’re called. The huge structures that spawn in highsec,
where the trigs spawn from a hole in the middle. My post is about those.

While it seems that Triglavians may be able to detect cloaked ships (likely a bug), I think it’s possible that they are randomly warping to various celestials. What I would find interesting is, if you cloak and warp to a safe spot- will they still warp to you? I feel that may be slightly more conclusive.