Do Triglavians warp Scram?

hey guys as per title Do Triglavians warp Scram?

New bro here and kinda scared to lose my ships…

In non-invasion systems, no. In invasion systems, yes.

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Ah cheers! I am trying to do some triglavian combat sites and every wave scares me! Anywhere i could read up on this?

There are plenty of YouTube walkthroughs on Triglavian sites like Emerging Conduits. I’m assuming you are not talking about Abyssal Filaments. If that’s what you are talking about, then no, they don’t warp scram in the Abyss, but they don’t need to, because if you don’t complete the site in 20 minutes you lose your ship anyway…

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You can do the “Emerging Conduits” pretty easily. No scram ✓

Thank you both, now I am a happy man! I am doing them not easily though, light missiles take forever to reload and heavy missiles do not damage them properly. Meh should have gone drones…

Drones help a lot, as does using a web and target painter for better damage application.

Just remember Thermal Ammo is the type you want to use, same with drones, use thermal application Drones. Also I shouldn’t have said easy, I can only just Solo last wave in a Tengu.

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Prepare to gtfo early…
Pretty easy for a one year old Battleship ratter, but be careful if you go there alone in a T1 fitted Stabber. If you give it a try: Align immediately and try to kill a frig. Keep your drones docked until the Trigs redboxed and reached you, or your drones will be stardust within seconds.
Good luck!

They never touch my drones, maybe because my drones are way less damaging than main guns? Either way Emerging Conduits have had a lot of guys ships off them :slight_smile: FAR from easy from the standpoint of a newer player. For info I can run them with one rep on a dual rep BC. It’s all about application and reducing their numbers before their damage ramps up to full.

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