If you can easily solo Triglavian Conduits, can you safely solo abyssal zones with the same ship?

I’m curious because I have a ship that can solo conduits easily, with the occasional warp away for armor repairing before heading right back in. Usually I only have to warp away on the final wave and even then, only once when I do.

Wich ship are y using? Cause y can’t enter abyssal with bigger ships than cruisers

would a battle crusier be prohibited? Cause I’m using the triglavian battlecruiser to solo conduits.

You are limited up to cruisers, BC and T3C cannot go in. Frigates only if you are going in with friends. Missile and Drone boats seem to do best in there. You can do Tier 1 and T2 (calm and agitated) easily with just a t1 cruiser.

I think he is referring to doing the minor conduits in the triglavian invasion space, not the filaments

Triglavian invasion sites are harder than emerging conduits. In best case you will have to warp out constantly after few kills. Maybe someone with better experience can prove me wrong, but that was my experience doing them. I used cruiser, so maybe Drac would be a lot better. But I could do emerging conduits in Stratios, while the smallest invasion sites were not doable in it for me.

No, I’m refering to abyssal zones accessed by filaments. And update, I tried out a cheap build and got to the third room, but died there. So I’m going to go back with a more expensive build that’s still pretty cheap and see how I fare.

the abysal sites up to 4 are easy, 4 and 5th tier need specific ships and implants to run safely

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