Honest question

Okey I know this is not rely a missions question but I could not find a pve section for this.
A part of me miss eve allot while another part is man im beat I done everything already.

But now we have Abyssal and triglavian invasions or as they seam to be called minor/emerging conduits. Are any of these 2 new things doable solo alpha clone ?

I know Abyssal T1 can be but I was thinking maybe t1 and t2 and maybe minor Conduits.

Right now I rely don´t care if I make 100 of mill isk an hour or day. It is more about can I do this Content Solo and can I do it with out some super pimped out Gila or what ever ship today is the new best thing.

Sure I can fly Gila but my wallet won´t allow it. So if I can not fly gila, what ships could I use that´s not to expensive and with out struggling or losing ships here and there. I just want something that I feel I not done a million times.

Search emerging conduit alpha on YouTube. A number if videos on the topic

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I have not tried any of this, but there’s a fit for a Dominix and the suggestion that a Megathron can be fit to do them with double reps.

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ye sure would be good to have some sort of actual ongoing storyline than… ermigerd… rescue damsel again…


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