EDENCOM & Triglavian sites advice

I’m wondering if someone would be able to offer some advice on these types of site as I would really like to experience and explore this kind of content in EVE.

I’m curious as to wether these sites can be done solo as of 2022? All of the information I can find on running these sites solo is over 2 years old, and I know things can change very quickly in EVE.

Primarily I’d be looking at running the Tier 1 sites, EDENCOM forward post, and Emerging Conduit.
If they can be completed solo, what kind of ship/build would I be looking at putting together? If not, how many people would I be looking to join up with to run these comfortably?

I’ve been playing since 2011 and have always liked PvE content, but after taking a long break, I find myself coming back to a plethora of new PvE content and I’m trying to get up to speed with it all. I’ve ran a few L4’s and been ratting in low-sec to dust off the old magic and my Rattlesnake still doesn’t disappoint so I would consider myself moderately experienced in PvE, however I’m by no means an expert.

Any advice and what not wuld be greatly appreciated, cheers :beer:



Wait where are there emerging conduits now??

A while back I was assisting a returning player get back into the game, and we wondered if there was anything interesting to do in minor victory systems. What with one thing and another, he dropped back out of EVE and I never got around to checking.

This is the only link I had as a more recent guide to Minor Victory systems:

I’d recommend maybe popping in in a cheap ship with no implants and buzz around a few sites, see what they look like.

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