How viable is the idea of breaking EDENCOM gatecamps?

I’m interested in increasing Triglavian standings through solo gameplay, in preparation for an excursion into T-space. The Triglavian Minor Victory from which I operated earlier spawned EDENCOM Forward Posts, which were a nice source of both these standings and some additional income (site payout + salvage). Now Phoenix has been released these sites no longer spawn, making me look at EDENCOM Fortresses and ways to extract some Trig standings (and potentially that sweet EDENCOM salvage, if possible) from them.

I ran these sites using a Battleship fitted for long range kiting. This worked very well for these sites, and I was thinking I might use the same technique on their gatecamps in case I manage to get a Battleship in a Fortress system by scouting a gate and jumping it when it’s not camped by an actual fleet (leaving just the EDENCOM gate guns to deal with). Then warp in at 80 on camped gates and start blasting. Does anyone has any experience with this?

To be frank I would be interested in blowing up more EDENCOM ships that give standings, one way or another. Obviously Abyss running isn’t an option as killing EDENCOM ships in the Abyss does not give standings. Another idea I was thinking about was actually entering T-space looking for EDENCOM scout parties, as I’ve heard they do send those into T-space.

I’m interested how other solo Kybers are working on their standings to make operating in Pochven possible and unlocking the various features of T-space.

I don’t know about edencom but trig fleets scram/point. Warping at range is death wish. If you won’t be able to clear them you can only die. Go at 0 so you at lest have option to jump gate when ■■■■ hits the fan. Also, this is not a scripted anomaly. Expect additional fleets coming in as you engage.

Yeah, my second thought was to warp at 0 and jump the gate before your tank breaks. I don’t know the range of EDENCOM scrams (or if they use them at all) as the sites I ran earlier did not include scrams, kiting them off seemed to work on those sites: being at 50-60 Km negates a lot of DPS. Looking at the amount of ships on a gate I’d say a single BS is not going to get many kills, but standings-wise killing 1 BS per 20 minutes is enough for the purposes of obtaining standings. Still a nasty grind but I’m at a loss at how else you’d obtain them.

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