Must say lack of information high

Like is there an in game chat for does that support Triglavians ? I only seen one for Eden
What ship should I use to do Eden forward post ? I asked once and they said you can solo them in Cruiser and I bet they mean Gila and nothing else I mean I tried in my Gnosis and I could not tank that 1 battle ship that was in the site it did like 500-1000 dmg and I made like 55-100dmg with correct ammo.

I looked on the forum and on reddit and even youtube but man the info is bad as hell. In all honesty it make me just not care at all about this if I can´t get any pointers on a ship or a fit or where ti find a fleet to join.

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Yah, you are not going to be able to take on Edencom sites with a cheap fit combat cruiser, unless you got the right ship/fit and some experience. I mentioned in your other topic that you can rep the npc’s, so you can get a cheap fit logi cruiser, preferably armor, and rep trigs in conduit sites once you have good standings with them. I had a cool experience where I solo repped a Leshak, and saved it long enough to where it was about to go into hull, and then others arrived to completely restore it. :sunglasses:

I was in Vale, and even tho the system was close to flipping to Trigs when I was last there, I couldn’t get on a T team. I don’t know if the momentum is slowing down or they might have taken a break or something, but I saw others request T invites while I was there. You could always form your own T fleet and just fly around to the combat sites. Even if you don’t really know what you are doing, someone might join up later that does and you could relinquish leadership to them.

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Okey yeah I could try that but I don´t just want to rep I want to kill also so I was thinking is there some ships and fit recommendations so I also maybe can skill towards it also to well also better help out. like a system I was in it was like 50/50 and like only 18 people there and no one seamed to do anything. That´s why I wanted to try solo to see if I can start getting trigs in to maybe 55-60 until more people come in and help.

But man I could not find any ship people recommend or a fit so I now what I should train towards. Some one said gila and im like okey no no I don´t have missile skills and I don´t have 500mill-1bill.

I can afford a decently fitted BS if need be. But it would be nice if there was like a triglavian chat Chanel like there is one for Eden to get better info on where there are allot of fleets or such.

at least im in good terms with Triglavians now it just cost me 2 ships.

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Why does everything have to be known? A little mystery, a little trial-and-error is bad? :roll_eyes:


I think I saw a post for another triglavian channel, but don’t remember what it was.

Speaking of which, wish there was a better way for communities to advertise. There are all sorts of communities and channels dedicated to different activities, and you have to dig around out-of game to find the vast majority of them.


yeah just what I need test 10 diffrent cruser fitts ending up losing more money than needed. I understand if you have a bill or 2 losing 100mill is like pocket change.

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Late to the party, but for anyone browsing and interested where the Pro trigs hangout

Join “The Triglavian Community” in Game channel and check out

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A bit like spying down Druids. This sales promotion started out kind of slow, then fizzled out altogether.

Anyone buying the Edencom skins?

Go team! (Make Hilmar proud.)

I bought both EDENCOM and Triglavian skins for my Noctis, does that count?

All Military Ops start with a Mission Briefing consisting of Intel gained from the field so they can be better prepared to fight.

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Why, of course!

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