Stargate Bug

I cant Jump through stargates look at this bug.

Look at the number of Jumps in the Route.

That’s caused by having a system on your avoid list and as such making the route impossible to complete. You can make the autopilot override this by clicking the A in the top left next to route, and unticking any avoid options on there.

You will still be able to jump to a new system, it is just the route that is failing to generate.

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Someone told you to avoid the 0.5 sec systems like Uedama, didnt they.

Well, those are ganking spots for a reason. All roads lead through them. So you avoid, and you cant get anywhere.

there’s a few check boxes in the autopilot menu, avoid systems were pod killing has recently occurred, and avoid systems on your avoidance list. Personally I suggest unchecking those boxes. Click on that A next to route in the upper left of your screen.

Also your screenshot makes it look like you just jumped through a stargate so I’m not sure can’t jump through stargates is the right title.

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