Jump command fail at jumpgate!


Please take this issue seriously! I think im not alone with this problem.
As you see at the photo the ship dont jump over the stargate! I know how its working so every setup is good. Simply the ship just reach the stargate and stay there. In the last 3-4 days is doing more offten and offten!
Check your engine code be cose something wrong. I dont wanna lose a expensive ship couse dont jump over the gate. I dont kidding. Cehck please this problem and fix it. And this not a new problem. Years ago did the same. First i thougth the d+click dosent work. Then i just click at the jump icon and also faild. Then i saw with the auto pilot too. So please fix it! And please every player who have problem with it make a comment here!

hmm odd that there are two post on it reposter

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