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Hi everyone o7

I hope someone can explain this to me and find me a solution.

When I plan a route through the Starmap, more often than not, instead of giving me a straight route ( shortest route ) it bounces me all around the galaxy to where a 10-jump trip turns into 23 jumps.
I can see it’s not giving me the shortest route and I wonder why. I’m pretty sure I set the options right in the Starmap but I could’ve mucked it up somehow. I don’t remember doing anything to it for it to do that.
No system is being avoided at all and it does it at every try with different destinations
I have to click on every second system towards my destination and set them as waypoints to get the shortest route I want/need.

Help please. It’s getting tedious :tired_face:

Take care
Fly Crazy

Can you give an example, so we can see if we all get the same results ?

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  • Make sure that you are prefer safer.
  • Depending on your Trig and Edencom standings, you may want to avoid trig and edencom systems. Regardless, ticking either of those boxes can have a large effect on your route.
  • Also, make sure to either uncheck avoid systems or your avoidance list, or manually remove systems by going to “manage route”.

If you still have problems after that, come back and let us know. And we’ll try to figure out what’s going on.


Thanks a BUNCH, that did the trick.

It was set to ‘Prefer Safer’ which I didn’t specify. I guess the radio button is set thus by default.

I also unchecked ‘Avoid Systems on Your Avoidance List’ and it gave me a pop-up warning about "may lengthen route’ something or another… is that ok or should I leave that box ticked?
I don’t avoid any system at all, I’m crazy that way :slight_smile:

I understand. Don’t the gates warn us about being about to enter Trig Systems ? I remember that warning…

Anyways… You’ve been a GREAT help!
Thank you! :hugs:

o7 Fly Crazy

the Avoidance checkbox doesn’t matter if you don’t actually have any systems in your avoidance list.

You will normally get a warning before entering trig systems, but that dialogue box can be suppressed (i.e. you told the game to never warn you about it again). So, you may or may not see it in the future. You can reset warnings on one of the last pages in settings, but your best bet will probably be to get dual standings with both the trigs and edencom. Edencom Defense Initiative sometimes runs dual standings fleets. Check out their discord for more information.

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Great. Thank you so much!

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