Jump Through Stargate shortcut key

Is there a shortcut key for jumping to stargates on my flight plan or do I gotta keep clicking on the little squares to go through each star system?


If you have a route, then the next gate should be selected too, so you wont even need to click the gate in your overview.

If you don’t have a route, then select the gate first.

In both cases pressing D will warp you to the gate if elsewhere in system and then jump you through.

If you are within 150km of the gate you want to jump through, then it will approach and then jump (and depending on range, slow boating may be real slow, so it is often better to warp away first).

i have a route but the next gate on my overview has to be clicked first then only will “D” warp me to it (and jump). Are you sure you don’t have to touch your overview at all?

You will have to select the gate somehow to jump to it with the shortkey. Whether you do that from the overview, your route, the rightclick menu or the system map is up to you.

Once selected, you can press the shortkey to warp and jump.

Is it really that much trouble to press one key then click on the gate you want to jump through on your overview? The game doesn’t automatically warp you to the next gate highlighted in your planned route because you very well might want to go to another gate or somewhere else in the system for a variety of reasons. That gives you more control situationally.

could always autopilot if you are that lazy

using a shortcut is lazy? ok then. thanls for that.

Using a shortkey is recommended, although you can also use the radial menu when selecting a gate to jump through.

However what the game does not do is automatically select the gate to warp and jump through, unless you turn on autopilot.

For people who want to have manual control over where they’re flying, the next gate in your route shows up yellow so it’s easy to find and click.

For people who want to automate those parts of flying you have autopilot. This does however have the downside that autopilot warps land you further from the object, which means it’s slower and less safe than manual piloting your ship.

Your choice: less clicking versus more control.

thank you. i understand what you’re said. much appreciated.

i didnt ask if it was much trouble or not. All I asked was if there was a shortcut.

when you use a word processor, and you need to copy text, is it too much trouble for you to type the whole text again or do you use the copy and paste shortcuts?

Wasn’t replying to any specific “question” from you, so it really doesn’t matter if you gave me permission to answer something in your authorized manner or not…

So two clicks rather than one click is in your view the equivalent effort of typing text out rather than copypasting it? o…k… Nope, doesn’t sound lazy at all…

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So let’s upset you even more: An interesting way is also a right-click into space, there you can chose stargates and pick the matching one (including jump order) without scrolling down a crowded overview or setting a particular course.

All entries into that forum can be read by fellow capsuleers and help to solve similar problems, so we are keen to give more than one solution just in case a googling Newbro wants to find out different ways to jump in perhaps 3 years.

I always wondered if I was playing with kids or adults… now i have an idea.

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