Jita market and chat/local. Grid warp in broken aswell

Getting a bit annoying now - can’t even buy items from Jita for the past 10 hours or access chat unless I relog in a different system.

Also a more “pressing” bug is where you can’t see warping in ships landing on grid.


CCP just doesn’t give two f*cks. Look for a patch in March…

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Not only Jita local is broken. Important low sec and null sec areas are also impacted.

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Im surprised that there arent more people complaining about the warp in bug. Ships teleporting on to the grid is a serious bug.

Then again, people probably dont care anymore or lost hope because there are so many serious issues, i.e. broken chat system, slow or non-functional market, long warp tunnels (“traffic control”), bots being created faster than CCP can ban them, etc

It’s damned near game breaking when these things are happening on a Saturday morning which is one of the few times some people get to log in and undock.

Jita market has been broken/lagging this morning. A friend logged out earlier, said was going to play another game, was having lag in the Jita market so bad that he was having problems fitting a ship to go PVP. In 8 years of playing, UNTIL THIS YEAR, I have never experienced this type of issue. I’ve seen minor lag, but not several minute delays in items showing up in you hangar, along with equivalent delay in the transactions occurring in the wallet. So after pushing ‘buy’, and nothing happens, you check wallet, no indication it went through…do it again, nothing happen again. Then minutes later items pile up in hangar and wallet has multiple transactions. This will drive people away from the game.

I made a post the other day (1st forum post I’ve made in 8 years) lamenting the way they handled the chat server issues and then selected a single day for Skill point reimbursement out of untold number of days the system hasn’t worked. I understand that the reimbursement is just that, a reimbursement for server downtime basically. When I first heard about them supposedly planning to give out some skillpoints for the chat system being broken, I didn’t realize it was for actual server downtime. not some kind of ‘Sorry guys, have a gift’ kind of thing. So when I didn’t get anything the other day, it kinda irked me. The chat system was broken just a last week last I remember.

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