Jita is F*cked. Again

The subject says it all. Trading of any kind is fubar.
Really CCP? This is the best you can do?

#CCPQualityCoding at work.

Such a nice economy system it was. R.I.P.

Who cares. Go outside…

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The scariest thing with these Jita market&local problems has been that no one from CCP has ever given explanation what is going on with these long lasting problems.

Is there some kind of business secrets behind this silence? Shame issues? It is almost year now when new chat system was released and problems started with it. Are market problems tied to these chat problems or are they separate problem?

Nothing but silence. Anyone out there? Ground control to CCP! Ground control calling to CCP!

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I don’t get it. What’s wrong with trading at Jita rn?

their bots aren’t working right…

Aaaaw poor scammers dont have a chat.

It’s very likely they moved the jita market on the same system as chat to reduce server load because it can’t be that big of a coincidence

The problem extends to fleet and corp chat as well.

Considering that CCP has had months to research and fix the issue, or at least publicly address it, it seems like they don’t care anymore.

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You mean getting rid of scammers by drying out them is NOT a good idea?

I fear the opposite is correct :slight_smile:

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