Eve market is very slow and giving "workers on strike" message

Multiple people i spoke to are experiencing this problem. Modifying market buy orders is giving a pop up box of “workers on strike” something or other and you have to wait a few minutes. Even when you do eventually get it to work, it takes like 10-15 seconds for the order to actually take & modify. Something is very slow with the market right now.


The market is completely unuseable for me in jita. Orders take 5min before going through, sometimes you get workers on strike message. This is not for modifying orders but just buying from sell orders.

Yeah, I was trying to buy some ammo from a standing sell order, and it took forever for the purchase to go through. Wonder if this has anything to do with Eve Portal Plex Market?

The problem is back again. The market was slow to operate shortly after downtime and at the moment of posting it was for a while impossible to place an order because of “Workers on strike” message. It improved to “terribly slow” a moment later.

Can confirm - issue is not just in Jita, but also in Hek.

yeh what the hsit is this… I finaly found some spare time without my missus being annoyed and I literly just wanted to hop on for a an hour update some orders and go pew some dudes…The jita market is competely unusable… I guess I will be playing WHTW2 instead…

I’m having same issue

It’s doing this today - Never seen it as bad as this before.

Hello CCP.
Do something with your servers as the “Workers on strike” message on Jita is getting worse by the day

Market is still non functioning in Jita for all intents and purposes, hopefully CCP wakes the heck up in Iceland soon or it’s going to take me all day to get a new ship lol

Do they really got to wait until the same time of the week to ■■■■ the markets for everyone?

Same here. Still going on.

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