Is the market running slow for everyone or just me?

I have a few accounts and all of them are seeing delays of up to five minutes after buying something on the market for the transaction to take place. They do not show in the wallet either. It is almost like it did not work and I bought a couple of things twice. Luckily I needed those items for another alt as well.

Has been for a while, but seems to be spreading to other functions such as opening containers.


We’re aware of an issue with the market that is causing transactions to be slow and sometimes prevents orders from being submitted (the workers are rebelling!).

We’re looking into it now, will let you know if I get more information.

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needs more Blockchain™

Indeed Market issue.

I thought space was black

I don’t think so.
Everyone knows that space is a fracking red dot !!! :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:

Gentrification is a thing.

Is that another name for Feng Shui?

Disconnected 3 times after 4 hours game. I think Dos attack again

I thought DOS ended in the 90’s


What a funny way of spelling “seizing the means”

Inc Triglavian in Jita system , I hope the security system will be under 0.4 :smiley:
That will be the most brillant move from CCP

Can you imagine the sheer amount of “I am unsubing and you can’t have my stuff!” threads if Jita goes down?

Wait until it gets a Trig Invasion!

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Jita just got downgraded to 0.4, that would be nice

What we need is for autopilots to go on the fritz again and send people through lowsec

Jita is the capital for traders, scammers, and customers/vendors seeking low prices/ quick cash.

If Jita go under 0.5 , the only people that will hurt would be the scammers,
the traders are already hurt by the last broker fee changes and most of them use players structures.
There are already replacements for Jita , but the scammers/spammers will be really hurting and that is priceless .

Market in JIta still on strike …

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