Jita market tidi?

The market lag is getting old. If the works need to go on strike this often please replace them with some freed slaves or something.

Yeah, it’s f*cked. Again.

Sigh, first time in ages ive gone to jita, and this is what happens…
How hard is it to fix one system CCP…

Do you really want an answer to that question or are you just being rhetorical? Because the answer is very difficult, apparently.

I gave a great suggestion to fix Jita, but nooooo no one liked my idea. :sadparrot:

Jita SuperNova


At this point in time I’m not inclined to disagree.
Burn the whole thing down…

Burn Jita 2019 starting as of now?

CCP is doing a great job all on its own…

“freed”? How inefficient and sentimental.

The Jita market is very slow again. It takes 30 - 60s until something happens.
Its really annoying when you have to wait almost a minute after every action.

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