Massive surge in market competition in the last few days

Hello, I’ve played Eve on and off since 2003 and have always made isk trading, mostly station trading in Jita.

I came back to the game a couple of months ago, as usual profits vary from day to day but overall average out fairly consistently week to week. However the last few days I have been unable to fill barely any Buy orders at all, there has been a sudden enormous surge of orders unlike anything I’ve ever seen in all my years playing the game. I normally trade about 100 different items (which change all the time) and most of my buy orders are suddenly now out of date within minutes or seconds. I’ve gone from buying 20-30 items a day to maybe 3-4. This is across many different item categories.

There are also often multiple quickly updated orders that have the exact same price. i.e. I put up a buy order for 100,000,000.00 isk, and two orders for 100,000,000.01 show up a minute later, seconds apart. I’ve seen plenty of ups and downs in the market before but never a drastic overnight change from one day to the next. Is anyone else experiencing this or is there just someone playing 24/7 who happens to be trading the same items as me all of a sudden? Curious.

P.s. this part of the forum is really dead compared to what it used to be!

Yeah, people dont scam as much anymore because there are too many people who are quick to poke holes in their schemes.

These scary forum warriors scare all da scammers away. Not because eve is dying or anything.

Does there seem to be a pattern to the items involved? Ships, for instance? Or T2 modules?

That’s hardly the essential point though. Since 15 of the top-20 posts are loan posts, this means that actual market discussion is practically non-existing these days.

I am not, but I also flatter myself for trading smarter than most. By “smarter” I just mean I spend less time on it, I only make a modest amount of ISK.

Posted back in Nov 2017, and despite all CCP’s promises, its still saturated. I unsubbed my accounts 6 months back after playing for 10 years. Came back 2 months ago on the back of CCP promises to fix the botters. Carefully identified and reported 40 plus Jita market bots which are logged in 24/7, and guess what happened, nothing. They still log in daily, 24/7, 2 months post reporting.

Markets screwed, if you trade high volumes / amounts then simply put you are wasting your time.

Likewise, I agree with you concerning this section of the forum, basically dead, couple of posts a day. 90% of the hard core traders have either now left Eve due to bots, or moved onto some other area of income for their isk. The market forum used to really buzz with speculation and stories of deals, not any more

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Yeah I literally can’t buy anything now almost. The vast majority of my orders are out of date within a few minutes, doesn’t matter what time of day.

Having just come from FW, it’s getting to the point where I feel like the game is mostly played by bots now. Seriously wtf.

Botting is fully endorsed and condoned by CCP. The proof is in the pudding.

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What pudding would that be?
This banwave including 4009 investigated and confirmed bots
2018 Q4 Security update.
Or this banwave including 1951 investigated and confirmed bots
New Year Security update

Or is the pudding your own experience where someone keeps outbidding you on the market?


Actually don’t care about the market but the nonstop 15+ ice botting folks in every hs ice belt, fw botting plexers, other mining botters, anom botters. Basically majority of current playerbase.

Botting is good for business.

So the pudding is just you saying someone is a bot.
Excellent proof.

You are absolutely right. There are no bots in eve. Thanks for the clarification.

Everyone is a bot and no one is a bot.

I did not state there were no bots in Eve. In fact, I pointed out that almost 6000 botting pilots had been caught and banned in the last 6 months.
I don’t think anybody can look at that data and say there are no bots in Eve.

I was just wondering what exactly the proof was you seemed to have that CCP endorses and condones botting.
So far you have come up with “Pilots can exhibit what you believe to be bot-like behavior, therefore CCP condones botting.”


cant even be arsed to argue anymore, last post from me till this mess gets fixed…if it ever does

The problem has disappeared as quickly as it arrived, I can suddenly buy things normally again. I think someone was trying out a market bot or multiples of them and left it plugged in 24/7 going manic and probably got banned.

The sad thing is I decided to switch to long term / cyclic trading because of this, so I googled for 3rd party Eve trading tools (which I’ve used in the past) - On the first page of google results: multiple Eve Market Bots for sale :frowning:

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