CCP Please Take Action Against This Market Bot in DOMAIN region

CCP please take action against this Market Bot. Fellow players, please don’t fill this thread with sarcasm and mockery. Eve has been my therapy for chronic depression since 2009, all was going well, until now these Market Bots with auto-order update and randomized price generation are breaking the game for me and causing extreme frustration.

Kindly don’t fill this thread with mockery like you usually do.

There is a bot (or two) in DOMAIN region automatically updating his buy and sell orders on specific items. The name of the bot managing BUY orders is ****** ******* based from Misaba system, orders at 40jumps range, already reported in game.

The Sell Orders Bot: (don’t know the name yet)
A. I bait him into undercutting down to unprofitable levels and the bot instantly undercuts. See screenshots.
B. He auto-updates his sell orders within 1 minute after any other player undercuts his price, consistently over many hours
C. Generates a randomized lower price for sell orders each time he undercuts. I don’t know his name yet. See screenshots below.

The Buy Orders bot, ****** *******:
A. He automatically runs a sweep check of all his buy orders and updates them by 0.01 within 2-12 minutes after he is outbidden by anyone, all orders simultaneously, this Bot’s name is ****** ******* based in Misaba V, orders at 40jumps range, he activates auto-check and auto-update software when he logs in, at 0.01 increments.

Below is just ONE sample, many other items are being botted and I’ve been dealing with this bot for the past weeks but decided to investigate more.

Screenshot 1: Notice how he instantly undercuts my order (in less than a minute) and generates a randomized lower price, even after i undercut by more than 60mill trying to lure him to unprofitable levels but he still undercut

Screenshot 2: Notice how another player tried to undercut the bot’s sales order but the bot immediately (less than a minute) undercut and generated another randomized lower price.

I have been trading for 6 years with no encounter like that ever. I believe I can safely distinguish human from non-human traders, and i do acknowledge that many human traders are way better, faster than me. But this one case is different. This is breaking the game and becoming very frustrating.

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Don’t post forum messages for this. It’s not like team security trawl the forums looking for things like this.

If you have evidence, send a mail to

You should let us know their name.

A bot that fits the same exact description as the other reported ones is managing a SELL ORDER of a Raven navy issue in Jita right now. 1. Instantly auto-undercutting his order after I update it and generate a randomized lower price within less than a minute, consistently for the past hour. Same exact behavior I faced with the Megathron navy Issue in Jita and Amarr.

What software is that so i can use it too?

Normally I would hope that the sudden influx of capital into EVE from the sale of CCP to PA would have led to a large increase in staffing in the security/anti-botting department, but after experiencing the botting and farming that is firmly entrenched/encouraged in BDO, I have now instead reduced my expectations from “cosmetic enforcement” to “near total apathy”.

Best of luck in getting this disease out of the market.

it is obvious CCP endorses this botting activity. I just want to be fair to myself and use that botting software too. Anyone know its name? (auto-check and atuto-order update with randomized price generation)

Are you serious? Took me less than 2 minutes of “google-fu” and I found at least 2 bots specifically touted for EVE. I imagine there are plenty more out there; many probably “home brewed”. If only CCP strictly enforced their published rules and used their recent influx of cash to legitimize their claim that EVE’s economy is player, not bot, run.

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How many sell orders does the bot have?

I see one order with 10 units there. If the bot’s only got one order they’re undercutting everyone with, split your one order into two. Update one of them, wait for the bot to follow literally a minute later, then update the other one. That buys you 5 minutes on top.

We’ll get right on that said CCP never.

Sativa Godless resumed using his market bot software in Domain region where he automatically scans his buy orders and immediately auto-update them by 0.01isk every 2 mins consistently for more than 8 hours straight. He stopped using the bot for a few weeks but yesterday he started again. He is based in Misaba system and bots his regional buy orders as long as he is logged in.

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