CCP Security, CCP Peligro Please take action against this Market Bot

CCP please take action against this Market Bot. Fellow players, please don’t fill this thread with sarcasm and mockery. Eve has been my therapy for chronic depression since 2009, all was going well, until now these Market Bots with auto-order update and randomized price generation are breaking the game for me and causing extreme frustration.

Kindly don’t fill this thread with mockery like you usually do.

There is a bot (or two) in DOMAIN region automatically updating his buy and sell orders on specific items, the name of the bot managing BUY orders is ****** ******* based from Misaba system, orders at 40jumps range:

The Sell Orders Bot: (don’t know the name yet)
A. I bait him into undercutting down to unprofitable levels and the bot instantly undercuts. See screenshots.
B. He auto-updates his sell orders within 1 minute after any other player undercuts his price, consistently over many hours
C. Generates a randomized lower price for sell orders each time he undercuts. I don’t know his name yet. See screenshots below.

The Buy Orders bot, ****** *******:
C. He automatically runs a sweep check of all his buy orders and updates them by 0.01 within 2-12 minutes after he is outbidden by anyone, all orders simultaneously, this Bot’s name is ****** ******* based in Misaba V, orders at 40jumps range, he activates auto-check and auto-update software when he logs in, at 0.01 increments.

Below is just ONE sample, many other items are being botted and I’ve been dealing with this bot for the past weeks but decided to investigate more.

Screenshot 1: Notice how he instantly undercuts my order (in less than a minute) and generates a randomized lower price, even after i undercut by more than 60mill trying to lure him to unprofitable levels but he still undercut

Screenshot 2: Notice how another player tried to undercut the bot’s sales order but the bot immediately (less than a minute) undercut and generated another randomized lower price.

I have been trading for 6 years with no encounter like that ever. I believe I can safely distinguish human from non-human traders, and i do acknowledge that many human traders are way better, faster than me. But this one case is different. This is breaking the game and becoming very frustrating.

Don’t post duplicate topics. With that said, there’s nothing that can be done by posting it on the forums. No one here can do anything about it. The proper thing to do would be to create a ticket for it.

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Already done. The 1st ticket was handled by saying report the bot in-game using the drop down menu. I know the name of one but i don’t know the name of the second. So we keep going in circles while the bot keeps botting with no real action taken. I am not spending 418m isk just to buy something off a bot to get his name, knowing that there is little chance any action would be taken against him. The 1st one i reported is still comfortably botting every time he logs in. Frustration keeps building up no matter how I try to play it out and i feel helpless. I have encountered countless human traders over the years who are way better than me and never complained about it but this one case in DOMAIN region is different.

I am hoping CCP Peligro investigates my evidence because he was the one announcing the ban of Market Bots back in May 2018. I have had no method of stress-relief other than EVE over the years and being a trader, these market bots are taking that away from me.

You better remove that players name in your post.

CCP will more likely ban you for doing that than banning that accused person, no matter if it’s a bot or not.

Your only option is to report that player via the report bot option and start believing that someone will care about that. Alternatively you can start believing in the tooth fairy, because you’ll probably have more success with that.

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The only additional idea I can bring up, is using the bot for profit … drive its sell price down and buy cheap, jack his buy order up and dump your stuff.

A bot that fits the same exact description as the other reported ones is managing a SELL ORDER of a Raven navy issue in Jita right now. 1. Instantly auto-undercutting his order after I update it and generate a randomized lower price within less than a minute, consistently for the past hour. Same exact behavior I repeatedly faced with the Megathron navy Issue in Jita and Amarr.

What software is that so i can use it too?

Learn the behavior, make it that the price drops so low that you can buy it and cancel your orders then sell for profit.

AKA: gitgud

There are more than a few bots running on the markets and they’ve been running long enough that there is suspicion about who is really running them.

I’ve seen it a couple of times where I’ve gone to buy some obscure item (like a rig that isn’t widely traded) that has 1 or 2 available at a slightly odd price (for example: 6,794,997.87).
The next lowest order might be 50,000-70,000 isk higher. I buy the (1 or 2) at the lowest price, the window refreshes and instantly, there is the same quantity available again at the exact same price.
Instantly. Zero delay.

I thought it was odd, so a couple of times I’ve bought the item again and as soon as the market window refreshed, the same quantity was still available at the exact same price.

This has happened often enough that there is no way it is a coincidence and I highly doubt some player is sitting there watching that particular item, with a new “Sell” order set up and waiting for the final “click” as soon as he sees a successful buy order go through.

I don’t do enough market activity to bother tracking such things, but maybe I will in the future. Not that it will matter in any event.
All that will happen though is the botter(s) will just siphon off all the SPs from the toon(s) that get caught, biomass them and then inject those skills into a new toons and 2 minutes later they’ll be doing the same thing again.

After all, that was the whole point of extractors/injectors wasn’t it ?

Sativa Godless is back using his market bot software in Domain region where he automatically scans his buy orders and immediately auto-update them by 0.01isk every 2 mins consistently for more than 8 hours straight. He stopped using the bot for a few weeks but yesterday he started again. He is based in Misaba system and bots his regional buy orders as long as he is logged in.

So you say you don’t want people coming into “your” thread to fill it with nonsense… Yet you have once again broken the rules by putting a players name in your description, and by deliberately ignoring what you were told a month ago: File a ticket.

So why should people not come in here and derail this thread? You refuse to listen to what you’re told here, Cotton.

Fight bots with bots.

Personally I never buy from the lowest priced seller, I normally buy from any seller that has only one of the items or just a few and is charging an acceptable price.
I care less about saving a few isk and more about not supporting market bots.
All you can do is report them using the proper mechanics and just let it go, don’t let it cause you real life stress as that only hurts you.

You don’t, it’s technically not possible. The deal will always go to the lowest price seller regardless how much you pay and what other order you “picked”. The market does not allow to fulfill a specific order.

You are very correct (mostly) all that guy is doing is giving bonus isk to the lowest, thanks!

I do not make or utilize any market “orders”, I simply buy what I need when I need it in real time by selecting the individual sell order I want to utilize.

You can do that but it’s pointless and you waste money. The ISK and trade goes always to the lowest order regardless of what you select.

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