Software that updates multiple Buy Orders?

In Perimeter 0.0% Tax structure that trades PLEX, there are 20+ buy orders of Quantity 1,120 managed by the same character and always get updated SIMULTANEOUSLY to the same price point with only 3 secs difference between each order. Obviously, a software is being used to automatically update all these orders at once, under everybody’s eyes, and I really believe that CCP endorses this activity because it has been happening for so long in a public manner.

May I know the name of such software the allow us to auto-adjust all of our buy orders to the same price at once? Instead of right clicking on every order > modify order>type in new price> ENTER…


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Nothing legitimate.




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Repost this on Reddit, with evidence and the character names in question.

The only way to get action on bots these days is to do that.

He is back active now in Perimeter, look at those sell orders. Click on the image to enlarge it and view the seconds; all orders simultaneously updated.

You can use the multi-sell feature to post multiple groups of an item simultaneously. This is likely all they did.

Modifying multiple ones simultaneous is not as easy, but for whatever historic reason, CCP built in a automation-friendly endpoint into the game:

that allows a third-party program to open the market windows in the client. This, combined with software that fills your OS’s clipboard allows very rapid updating of orders, and if done manually, is within the EULA.

Personally, I don’t think such tools should be allowed, nor CCP give such a useful hook into the client for people who are willing to cross the line into automation, but there are legal explanations for what you are seeing. With zero broker fees, someone can just constantly cancel orders and use multi-sell to put up another wall of them every 5 minutes.


he is not just placing multiple buy and sell orders, but also UPDATING them simultaneously. It is clearly a 3rd party software he is using and many other traders I have encountered in different region and CCP is so passive about it. CCP endorses it. Just like the 30+ accounts multiboxer in Niajra who buys 30k plexes every month. A blind eye is kept on them.

So…I wanna keep it fair and use this software too. What is its name?


  1. Find a zero-broker fee Market Hub and place your sell orders using multi-sell with the exact same time stamp.
  2. When you want to update them all you cancel all your existing orders.
  3. Use multi-sell to post them all again with the exact same time stamp.

Of course it could still be a bot, but there is a simple and trivial explanation for the screen shot you posted.

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Thanks, yes i thought of that and it is a possibility but considering the large number of orders I doubt it.

What about the traders who instantly undercut your updated sell order with a RANDOMIZED lower price consistently over hours. Those are very common this year and usually limit their activity on few select items. Any explanation for this behavior? here are screenshots and it is a VERY common occurrence every day in trade hubs:

Notice how he instantly undercuts my order (in less than a minute) and generates a randomized lower price, even after i undercut by more than 60mill trying to lure him to unprofitable levels but he still undercut

Notice how another player tried to undercut the bot’s sales order but the bot immediately (less than a minute) undercut and generated another randomized lower price.


It’s probably a bot.

Or possibly a bot-aspirant, using the ESI endpoint and some clipboard filling tool and Ctrl-V to rapidly undercut orders.

I have no doubt market bots exist and I encourage you to report suspicious behaviour. But there are also some very dedicated players (AKA no-lifers) relying on legal, partially automated tools, both in-game and out of game, to dominate the markets. Unfortunately only CCP can conclusively prove someone is a bot, and I even doubt their ability to do so is as strong as they claim. Plus, they lack the resources to do police this to the point I have seen obvious mining and courier bots operate for months or even years after being reported.

Please keep it up, but just remember that undercutting with random amounts or posting with simultaneous times isn’t very compelling proof of botting. The strongest evidence in my mind possible for you to obtain would be to show they are active for inhuman periods of time.

it is not only “undercutting with random amounts”, but undercutting with random amounts within less than a minute of any update of a competing order, consistently over hours. Big Difference. Also notice how the bot didn’t think twice before undercutting his sell order by 60millions. Later i took out another 10mill and he is still at it.

Honestly this last behavior is breaking my game now after having been a happy trader for more than 6 years. I have to deal with these bots everyday now on a wide array of select items:

1- Instant auto-update of their sell order after any competitor undercuts their order
2- Randomized lower price generation
3- Consistently rinse and repeat the above for hours non-stop
4- Unaware of profitability limit and seem to undercut way below profitable margins if they are baited

Yall should get out more.

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A bot that fits the same exact description as the other reported ones is managing a SELL ORDER of a Raven navy issue in Jita right now. 1. Instantly auto-undercutting his order after I update it and generate a randomized lower price within less than a minute, consistently for the past hour. Same exact behavior I faced with the Megathron navy Issue in Jita and Amarr. This is getting really ridiculous and sickening. What software is that so i can use it too?

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Sativa Godless is again using his market bot software in Domain region where he automatically scans his buy orders and immediately auto-update them by 0.01isk every 2 mins consistently for more than 8 hours straight. He stopped using the bot for a few weeks but yesterday he started again. He is based in Misaba system and bots his regional buy orders as long as he is logged in.

That is why I stopped participating in the 0.01 war long ago. I stockpile huge amounts of goods and sell when the price is good and can afford not to be on top all the time.

Like @Zahara_Cody said - less trading, more free time to do other stuff :slight_smile:

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