Setting up Recurring sell orders

I keep running across recurring sell orders in player owned keepstars.

Example: Mining Laser only has 1 sell order on the market, with 10 lasers for sale.
I buy all 10 lasers.
Mining lasers till has 1 sell order on the market for 10 lasers.
I buy 10 more lasers.
The order is still there selling 10 more lasers.

I want to set up recurring sell orders to prevent myself from being easily bought out. I have no clue how to do this. I assume you need a 3rd party market managing tool, but I do not know.

Are they always from the same player? (or same group of players?)
If you add a sell order 0.01 isk lower than theirs, do they always re-adjust, at any time of day?

If yes, those might well be market bots, which are against the rule.

The adjustments aren’t instant, but I did notice that they usually re-adjust .01 lower by the next day when I check on my orders.

Also yes, the “recurring” orders are from the same user on that item. Now I never compared the recurring orders from different items to see if they are all from the same user, but it’s possible.

I hope it’s not market bots, because you can do that in the RL stock market and I’d be bummed if you can’t do it here :c

Any form of input automation is a violation of CCPs license agreement and/or terms of service. The game is intended to be played by players - not robots. If you believe you have discovered a bot you can report it to team security:


Are you sure you aren’t buying from an NPC seller?

You cannot automatically set recurring buy orders.

Setting them up using a 3rd party tool is illegal, and will get your account warned/banned if you get caught.

If you dont like being bought out, just set up a sell order with more stuff. Or multiple sell orders, all 0.1 isk difference from each other.

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