Multiple 1000 unit ore buys

In the last few days I’ve had dozens and dozens of veldspar ore sales to different people. A couple even paid more than the asking price. Is this normal? Or maybe it is a scam? Just seems really strange because all the names are different. I checked a few bios and they all seem to be legitimate. Thanks for any info.

Effective June 9th going forward, the “Margin Trading Scam” will be 100% completely and totally removed from the game (since that will be when all scams expire after the release of the last eco patch that made it impossible to make new ones). If you have concerns, wait until then.

My experience with this has been: If someone places a buy order that is willing to buy at higher than your sell price, and your sell order meets the buy order criteria (range from buy station, minimum quantity), your sell order inventory is used to fill the buy order at the buy order price.

If I want to purchase a million units of Veldspar (for example), I’m not going to start with the lowest price order and work my way up - time is valuable. I’ll pick the offer that can cover (or nearly cover) my requirement. This will scoop the small, lower price orders and they will receive the higher price.

Stated another way, you can’t choose which order to buy from in Eve. Orders will always be filled starting with the lowest price but the seller will receive the price you offered based on the order you selected. Hope that makes sense!

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