**Mining ores for sale ! **

In the market I have 500 - 1000 units of veldspar.
Those who are interested can buy from the market.
My name is ASGARD R. After buying the veldspar, you can send an eve mail or message me in the eve chat during gameplay.
For other stuffs, the communications are available through eve mail or eve chat.
Available only for those who enlist with Caldari.
For further references you can reply for @ASGARD_R.
Thank you.

I’m sure you are a new citizen, but I don’t think this is a question or an answer…

You don’t need to promote your market offers if you know where to sell them.

In Jita they will buy them in a matter of minutes… And because I assume you are from Caldari, it shouldn’t be a long journey there.

Also, 1000 units of veldspar is almost nothing, even if it’s compressed…

NCQA is for questions and answers.

But likely you can’t pist yet in the marketplace, but even then

With what you are selling, the quantity you are selling and what the forums are used too, it is a bit of a pointless post.

If you price you stuff right and the location is right, stuff will be bought by people. No need to forum post it or have mail/chat communication for it.

Also keep in mind, EVE is a free market, and not bound to ‘siding’ with a faction


OK, Thanks for the reply.

As this isn’t the correct place for this, nor an appropriate fit for anywhere else, I’m going to close this thread.

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