so I a noob and just started and I picked the war academy but I decided to try mining and now I have veldspar and and I don’t know what to do with it or how to sell it so pls help me figure out what to do

Find a player run upwell to compress it. Sell it at Jita or another trade hub.

how do I find an upwell

It’ll be on your overview if there’s an active one. You’ll see things like astrahus and such. It’ll have a different icon than the NPC station. You want one that can reprocess.

When you right click the ore, don’t click reprocress, click compress.

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What race you picked?

If you are not in Amar space go to Jita(after completing the career agents). If you are in Amar space, then stay there. Going to Jita from Amar is like 40 jumps.

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