Alpha looking for Omega to sell for me

Is this a service that someone offers? As an Alpha, I am unable to research the broker relations and tax to the minimum rates. Does anyone offer a service where I can sell it directly to them by contract and then they can sell it on the market immediately at the current buy price for a profit? Eg) compressed veldspar has a max buy at Jita for 1407 right now, I sell to someone by contract for 1340 or 0.9524% and they sell it for the 1407 and make an instant 16.35 isk per unit if they have Accounting V.

i’m sure someone would do it for you… are you in a corp? you could ask your corpmates.

send me a evemail, and i can take care of it for you.

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Thank you. I will look into the corp although I wouldn’t have high hopes. I am on a short break from playing the actual game atm but I will be back in a few weeks. If you’re still interested then I’ll definitely be in touch. Thanks :slight_smile:

i’m always around. I’m apart of a corp/service that raises standings for others… so i’m always around somewhere.

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