Looking for a Market Trading Partner - I Supply, You Sell

I have a metric ■■■■ ton (more, probably) of various goods that get delivered to Jita on a regular basis. It’s been a profitable venture for me, but I’m tired of playing marketeer, too many clicks.

I’m looking to partner with someone who enjoys the market management aspect. We agree on some sort of pre-determined algorithm (e.g. a combination of current Jita buy, regional average over past X days, etc.) for pricing items in bulk, and I create an Item Exchange contract with those items for that amount. You then sell the items on your own and make a nice margin on it for your efforts.

Once we get this set up, we’d be looking at about 5 - 10 billion ISK worth of goods per day to start, ramping up to somewhere in the 50 billion/day range.

This could also quickly expand beyond Jita to the other major hubs.

Anyone interested?

Try checking the Services section of Marketplace for Buyback or Firesale type posts.

Found some partners in Jita. Still looking for partners in the other trade hubs, particularly Amarr.

How about Dodixie and Hek? Have you got traders there? If not I would like to be one them.

Still looking for an Amarr contact?

I’m based locally with Market/Mining/Hauling experience

I too am stationed in Amarr and am quite experienced there, please contact me as I’d gladly discuss details.


Contact me on Discord Dokschrauba#9199

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