Looking for constant Ore Suppliers

Hey guys looking for constant ore suppliers. Looking to buy at 101% jita buy price in Jita. Other systems can be arranged as well if there is enough ore to justify going there. Contact me in game or make contracts to my corporation ‘Valkyrie Testing and Analysis’

If someone has to go to the trouble of hauling to Jita anyway, why would they sell it to you at 101% of buy price instead of listing it at a higher price as a sell order?

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Because most ore flows through buy orders. And as was stated in the OP, other systems could be arranged for the other parties convenience if the supply is there.

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That’s 2% better than they are getting. It’s not the worst deal in the world if the volume is there.

Yeah, if you play the 0.01 game and I only checked compressed ores, which isn’t quite consistent like that across.

TBH, Jita is a terrible place to sell ore aside from the ISK velocity. If you don’t need the ISK immediately though, 1% on top of buy price seems a bit low.

But I wish the OP luck. I’m sure there are people out there that will fill his orders, they just won’t be getting the price they otherwise could.

Velocity is important though.

Capital module production is a moderate part of my operations in EVE, and I rely upon being able to sell stuff at lightning speed in Jita even though I get much much better prices in Dodixie.

Example: I can sell 20 Fighter Support Unit II easily in a day in Jita at 130m/unit. I can sell 2 a week in Dodixie at 165m/unit. (And that 2 is an average; often three weeks will go with none selling).

If I pay 115m for materials, I do much better in Jita.

Yeah, not disagreeing with that. It is important.

For my business model, velocity on production is everything. I’ll let someone else have the last 12% and wait 6 months for it.

My preferred way of tying up large amounts for long times is patch speculations.

Obviously there’s other ways to make ISK.

Wow, where do you buy your materials?

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By doing this you’ll just have enough volume to sell immediately until you drain the buy market’s volume, then the difference you made between buy and sell orders will be used to buy more ore from the random sellers you come across, by repeating this cycle, you will simultaneously put sell orders undercutting competition driving the market down even lower so the buy orders will get even lower. Eventually you will profit massively once you have your desired volume by selling close to where the market should be.

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