Looking for Materials Producers

Hi All,

I’m looking to make a deal! I’m looking for the best prices on materials. If you are a materials producer (reactions, ORE, PI, or are a TRADER *best price producer) Please contact me, and we can proceed to make a lot of Isk together!

What do you have to offer us in exchange?

Buying Materials from you? I can offer you InstaBuy on up to 100million/day for a competitive price.

I can sell the materials at jita instantly too. So youre going to offer better-than-buy prices from jita?

Some Items yes. Selling instantly to Jita buy? I can offer you much better than that.

I dont see how this is sustainable, and have a feeling that you wont honor this, but okay.

I produce some stuff if u can offer Better than jita buy then get in contact with me

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