WTS huge pack of minerals in lowsec

Location: Irmalin.

Bulk sale prefer, but partial sale possible too (1\2, 1\3 etc); no separate minerals for sale.

No rush. Offers.

Irmalin :KEKW:

That moment you have asset safetied titans to Irmalin and realize you can’t get them out and no one will buy them so you just right click; reprocess them all.

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and later reprocess all cap parts, lol, ty for reply

Why not bridge them out with a freighter, if darwinism can do it then so can u

Ty for pro tip, but I’m too lazy to bridge ~250 full freighters (;

name checks out

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disassembled dreadbomb for sale

what if i just freighted it to jita for u? :smile:

Would you accept 285 for it all?


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a c t u a l

Not sold

Minerals for sale

Time to be a little lowsec mineral king (;

  • a c t u a l *

Mail me

mi ne rals


b u m p