Escrow wallet

(Zabruk Zateki) #1

Yesterday I bought or at least I thought I bought some minerals off the market but I have not got them in my inventory and reviewing my wallet I found that the ISK has gone into an escrow and not recieved the said minerals … So what has happened in this instance ?

(DahMerlin) #2

Sounds like you created a buy order instead of doing an immediate buy. This could be because you tried to buy more than were available or at a lower price than was available. Or at a different station from where they were available. Check your orders on the “My orders” tab of the market to see if there is an order there.

(Memphis Baas) #3

Yup, the market interface will try to match whatever you tried to buy, but sometimes other people will buy out the available minerals before you can click OK. So in this case the market interface will create a buy offer, from you, with the price that you had showing in the box, and other players can see it and sell the minerals to you, if your price is the best.

You can check your buy offers from the Wallet, and right-click to cancel them if you want. You should get your money back, minus taxes and fees of course.

You can also do this on purpose; right-click on some minerals on the market but when the box comes up, specify your own (lower) price. The server will create a buy offer from you, at the lower price that you wanted, and hopefully in a couple days the prices go down and some player will sell his minerals to your buy offer.

It’s basically, pay high price and get it now, or offer lower price and wait a bit until it’s fulfilled.

EDIT: The escrow wallet holds the money that you have to pay when the other players finally click and accept your buy offer; they get paid with that money in the escrow and you get the minerals in your station hangar.

(DahMerlin) #4

It should be noted that you can avoid having buy orders created by making sure duration is set to immediate. That way the order will fail if none are available.

(Zabruk Zateki) #5

Thanks people have sorted it out … I did make it an immediate purchase but didn’t realise that I would need to go to the sellers station to collect, having arrived at that station my purchases where in my dock bay so all good thanks again for the advice all the same…