Buy Orders not being completed by my sales?

So I’m sitting in a station that’s 4 jumps from a buy order with a range of 20 jumps. Setup my sale of that item and it doesn’t complete. Is there an obvious reason why this happened? My only thought is that I’m not in an NPC station making the order, but I really hope I don’t have to cancel these expensively taxed sales.

There are several reasons.
One is a scam you should be aware of. There is a skill, Margin Trading that allows you to create buy orders without having to put all the money in escrow, only having most of the ISK come out of your account when the order completes.

Disclaimer: I have never done this. I won’t do this. I try to be honest. But I’ve got a nasty devious little heart…

For example, I can put up a buy order for 500m ISK. I have modest Margin Trading skills so 250m ISK is put into Escrow to pay for the order completing with the rest coming from my current account on completion.
Basically I don’t have to tie my capital up in orders provided I’ve got enough to cover my future debts I’m fine.
And if I haven’t then the order can’t complete.

And so the scam that me and my alt will work. You can pull this without an Alt, but it’s easier to show how it works with one.

Find a rare item no one wants to buy or sell, something tempting. Something worthless.
I get my alt to create a really tempting order, a nice big juicy “buy one golden widget for 1bn ISK”. And I’ve got good Margin Skills so I only put a fraction of that in Escrow. And I make sure I’ve not got enough ISK in my account to cover it selling.
I’m safe, my alt will never buy that item because the order can’t complete for lack of funds. Snigger.

So, then I put my worthless golden widget on the market somewhere else for a “modest” couple of hundred million ISK.

Some punter will spot it and their little eyes will light up thinking “I can buy that item for 200m, immediately sell it over there for FIVE TIMES the price. Instant wealth, ain’t I clever. What can I spend that on? I’m a brilliant trader…” And so forth.
They buy the item from me blinded by lust.

Punter takes it to the sell point thinking happy glorious, greedy thoughts. Then the buy order fails because my Alt doesn’t have the ISK to cover the payment. Oh dear.

I’ve got your 200m ISK.
And you’ve got an expensive bit of worthless tat you can’t shift, but that’s not my problem.

I don’t know what happend in your case, it may be a more innocent reason - they do happen in Eve, but so do scams.

The golden rule here is the same as in life: if it looks too good to be true then it probably isn’t.

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It’s possible that you only have 1 of that item, while they request a minimum of 5 of that item

@Nepsy I sincerely hope for the OP’s sake that is the case - I’d really hate to see a new pilot taken for a ride.

It’s an extremely common item, this scam is not at play.

I can’t find what limitations exist but I believe the not being in an NPC station is the reason.

Glad it’s not a scam, but since we’re in New Citizens Q&A hopefully it’ll act as s warning to others.

You’re probably right, I suspect it won’t progress because of the risk of the purchaser not being able to access the citadel to pick his belongings up.

I think it sounds like he’s setting up a sell order instead of selling directly to the open buy.

Is your order duration set to immediate?

That would explain it, yes. The only player owned structure where a buy order can be fulfilled is where the buy order itself was placed (if any), regardless of buy order range.

This is intended. Otherwise the buyer might end up buying stuff in stations he doesn’t have access to, or to which he might be denied access after having bought it.

Well, if you wanted to sell something directly to a buy order, you already made a mistake by placing a sell order to do that. You could have avoided broker fees altogether by selling immediately (at an NPC station) without placing a sell order.

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