Bug? Exploit?

How is it that an Buy order is within range (1 jumps from me, set range at 20 jumps) and yet you can not fill that order (yes, i do have that item in the hanger)?

Edit: Its the minimum amount that dont allow me to fill it.

Is it the only buy order even close to the price? Think it’s Margin Trading skill (could be another) where you don’t need full isk for entire buy order to put it up. So what people do is they sell something overpriced but under a buy order, usually in contracts. But where they had a buy order with a few set. They then have their alt sell all but one of the buy order, leaving them not enough isk to complete the buy order.

They then sell the item, knowing someone will see the buy order and try to sell to it, but alas it cannot be completed. You are stuck with the item and the player walks away with your isk.

All buy order have a “minimum required quantity” this is by default set to 1 but if buyer want they can set any amount above 1 (not sure what the upper limit is). The reason that you failed to sell is that you did not have enough sufficient quantity of the item to meet the required quantity for the order to go through.

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