Market Buy Window

I have some questions that I am having difficulty in finding answers, When you place a “Buy” order the window is a little confusing.
when the “Buy” window pop open, I select…

I am located in Jita
I set my price, understood
I set my time frame, understood
There seems to be a Min Max setting, I set to Min “1” Max “100”
There is a drop down station window, I selected “10” jumps

The market window shows my “Buy” order, in station (Jita), quantity only “1”

I had wanted my quantity listed at “100”.

When I set my jumps to “10”, does this mean I am listed on all Market places, ie, Perimeter as a local to Perimeter as if a in Station there “Buy” or does this simply mean players can see my “Buy” order from 10 jumps away.

Hope this is clear.



If you set min to 1 and max to 100, that means people can either sell you 1, or up to 100. If you wanted people to only be able to sell you 100 or more, you should have set 100 as the minimum.

Jumps simply means how far away you are willing to accept items. When someone does an instant sell of their item, it picks the highest priced buy order that reaches that station. So if you are the highest buy order within 10 jumps of Jita, you’ll get any item someone sells within that 10 jumps.

I.E. If there is one station where someone has a buy order paying more than yours, but it is limited to that station…they will get the item someone sells in that station, but you would get everything else in that 10 jump range.

Make sense?

Thanks for the answer, yes that makes sense. I will have to be careful with the jumps t ensure avoidance of areas I am not yet equipped to travel.

There is not a “Max” setting, it’s simply called “Quantity”. If you set Quantity to 100, it should show Quantity 100 also in the buy order. If someone sells you 3, the Quantity in your order will then change to the remains, 97. The order will stay open until all 100 have been bought (or until your time runs out).

If you have a 10-jump order up in Jita, there are some systems within that range that are low security, and where wuite a lot of items are sold, for example Obe. If you set it to 5 then you should be safe.

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