Market Escrow Question

Hi all,

somewhat of a dumb question incoming. Hope this is in the right place.

I set up a buy order for a ship that sells for about 550mil, thinking that I would save some cash in doing so. about 500 mil was taken from my wallet.

I then babysat the order for a while, realised I hated babysitting orders and I’d rather just buy it, so I cancelled the buy order.

i was refunded 210 mil.

Is this normal behaviour?

You should get all your escrow ISK back (minus the broker fees) if you cancel a single order. However, the escrow is calculated on all your orders, so some of it may have already been used to pay for other orders you made that did complete. That’s probably where the rest of your ISK went.

hi, yes its normal, because you have maybe trained the skill “Margin Trading” (level 2) it should be.
If not check your journal, not the transactions, in journal you should see the history

Post a screenshot to confirm (for all of us) that this is what happened, and if it is create a bug report and support ticket.

That’s not how it works. Each order has its own pool of escrow.

Mama Liz has quickly sorted things :heart_eyes:

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