Market escrow

Hello, I am new to Eve Online, I need help about the escrow market

I placed an order to buy a ship (for 7 mil isk) , it didn’t take some time until my money was withdrawn, but the ship was not sent to me.

You won’t get anything “sent” - either the offer was in the very station you just sit, then you find it in the hangar, or you’ve got to search for it in your personal assets.

I searched but did not find it
and its not even in market transaction

Escrow is a process by which the funds are held securely by SCC to ensure that fills your order to purchase something then the money is available to pay the seller.
i.e. the Escrowed amount is taken when you create a buy order, the goods are delivered when the order is completed. Look in the market tab of your wallet (the one to the right of the transactions list you’ve just shown. Then highlight he completed purchase and it will tell you at which station that order was completed.

The Escrow Release is where you’ve created an order and then either it time expires or you cancel it would out it being completely fulfilled. The remaining funds “held in Escrow” are returned to you.

Escrow is a real world concept as well: a trusted third party holding funds or assets on behalf of two people performing a transaction.

there is nothing

this is my order history

In which case, as the Escrow has not been returned and no asset transferred, your buy order not completed (it will be a buy order listed in the bottom part of the active orders tab).

You’ll see your buy order in the market window as well.

Eve uses a Brokered market, much like buying and selling Shares and Futures in the real world.
The nuances of it aren’t obvious. I often see weird orders based on oversights and misunderstandings.

However, given the nature of virtually everything being trades between players it’s the sensible option.

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Have a look at the other tab “My Orders” in the same Market Orders window.
The “Orders History” tab will only show your past orders (either completed or canceled). In this case no one has sold you your ship yet.

If your buy order for the ship is still active it will show in the “My Orders” tab.

Thank you i see it
I canceled the order and the money was returned

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ye tnx