Regional Market Items Do Not Show Up At Any Station

I am simply trying to buy ammo (Tungsten Charges), from the Regional Market (Jita IV - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant), and when I go to that station there is no ammo waiting there for me in the Item area of the station (not ship’s items).

Why will Regional Market items not show up at the station I purchase them from - the seller’s inventory was 18,000 charges and I placed an order for 10,000.

Check you inventories list to see where you actually bought them. I believe the window is called “Personal inventories”. It lists all you inventories you have stuff in.

Personal Assets, and make sure you have no filters active.

What does Market Escrow mean when I place an order?

How do I know if a seller actually has the item for sale or if they need to make it? As that is what Market Escrow seems to mean - that the seller still needs to acquire it to sell to me.

I looked in Personal Assets and it is not listed at any of the four planets I have items on.

I am not sure what you mean by a filter on this screen.

What does Market Escrow mean? Does the seller still need to make the items? How do I know if a seller actually has the item or if they still need to make it?

You probably placed a buy order then, that hasn’t been fulfilled. Look in Market Orders.

Did you place a buy order (bottom part of the market window) instead of bying from the sell orders (top part of the market window) by any chance?

When placing a buy order you will have to wait for someone that feels like fulfilling it for as long as it is up.

Everything in the sell orders is directly available in the station it is listed after purchase.

Escrow is the tax paid to list the item for selling or buying

Others briefly mention it but I wanted to make it a bit more explicit:

Eve‘s market is like a real market brokerage: you have buyers who wish to buy items and they can can name absolutely any price they want to buy at, and there are sellers who wish to sell items and they can list at absolutely any price they wish to sell at.

The only time items on the market actually changes hands are when a buyer and seller declare the same price.

Escrow is not a tax. Escrow are the „funds in waiting“ a buyer provides to prove „yes I can afford to pay for the items at the buy price I named“. If you declare to buy 10 items at 1,000 ISK then escrow is 10,000ISK. You haven’t spent it yet, but it’s not in your wallet so you don’t accidentally spend it on something else. It’s in escrow.

So you might have thought you bought 10,000 charges of ammo for the seller‘s price — there would have been no escrow — but instead you changed the price to be below the lowest seller‘s price. Now you need escrow because no seller exists that is currently willing to sell to you at that low price.


I appreciate all the information from all.

I do not believe I changed the price when I purchased the ammo. I just offered to pay what the asking price was on the Regional Markets for that seller, which was Caldari NPC base (can’t remember actual name of that base at the moment).

Do I need to offer to pay more? is it possible that the seller’s data on Regional Market was outdated and seller changed it?

This doesn’t mean much. The way the UI works for the pop-up to place a buy or sell order it will often default to being 0.01 ISK below (for buy) or above (for sell) the lowest sell (for buy) or the highest buy (for sell) order.

The only way to guarantee you are immediately buying or selling an item is to change the time frame to “Immediate” in the pop-up. Not “1 Day” nor any other time frame.

It would help for you to check two places:

  1. your outstanding market orders in the market order mangement window, and
  2. your market tansaction history tab in your personal wallet

With these two windows will be able to piece together exactly:

  1. what kind of order you placed,
  2. where, and
  3. whether it was fulfilled

That will depend on the market conditions today. You can likely cancel your buy order (if it exists) but will lose any associated broker fee (they are not refundable – incurred when placing buy and sell orders that are not immediately closed).

Yes, your view of the Market is a snapshot in time and it is not updated in real time. Certain actions trigger re-fetching the data from the server, and it is possible someone completely cleared out the sell order you wanted to buy from, resulting in you placing a buy order. If your order pop up window had been “1-Day” or other timeframe then that’s its behavior. If it were “Immediate” it would have simply failed instead.

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