Buying on market

I have bought several items from the market but the items don’t show up. I have tried everything with the help of other players, no joy. Please help, I can’t play the game.
something not right in eden

It’s likely that you either created a purchase order rather than buying (open Market, click Market Orders tab at top), or bought them in a station other than where you are.

You might want to take a look at a recent similar question to see if any of the advice there helps:


Probably bought from another station in system or even from another station in another system within your market reach.

Check your wallet first of all to see if the purchases went through. Then look at your global Inventory, not just your station inventory.

Or if you used a Corporation Wallet for purchases, check the Corporation Deliveries Hangar.

I bamboozle myself ALL THE TIME with the Corp Wallet/Hangar.

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