Bought a thing on Market, but can't see it in my Assets

On this weekend I bought “Multiple pilon trainig certificate” on a Market in Jita, some trade hub in a couple of jumps away. But today, after a couple of days I did it I can’t find it in Assets. I’m trying to get what it was.
Was I foolished with some kind of skam? Can someone from private & under password statnio sell items on Regional Market? Will I ever be able to get my bought item?

did you check asset safety? Maybe you bought it at a hub that was destroyed.

No, I didn’t. I don’t know how to do this.

And it was a hub in hisec

go to your assets tab and click on the Safety tab.

What it player owned or NPC owned?

as far as I remember,player owned.

ok those can be blown up, and most get blown up in the forge unless it was ICY, panfam or Mogul. I’m guessing asset safety.

So, it was an accident that I lost item, not a scam? I mean, it was a result of third-side actions, right? btw, assets safety tab is empty.

I dunno, use the search tab in the assets tab, beyond that open a support ticket.

Ok, thank you

Are you sure you bought it? Are you sure you didnt set up a buy order instead?

Yes, I bought it. Wallet history says I’ve spent that ISKs. I don’t see any buy orders, so I did buy it.

Wallet history will also show isk taken out if you set up a buy order as well.

There is a transactions history tab among the journal and other tabs in the wallet, that shows items bought and sold as far as I recall (rarely use it) so you should be able to check if you actually bought the item there. Not sure if it shows where but you can use the search function of your assets window after you confirmed you actually bought the item.

Thank you! Never used this tab, though sometime felt a luck of information of what was bought or sold. And currently it helped.

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