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EVE is a big game naturally you’ll end up buying more things like ships than you need to, but blueprints or datacores, reactions and other materials, you might forget you have on hand, so while combing the markets what might be interesting is a “find in assets” button which shows you where your asset is, there is so much to the game you might of bought it years ago and forgot about it, you might forget the spelling and buy another one to find it in the container next door.
maybe an indicator that you own this and a “find location” option, people will search markets more than assets and it could be helpful to people looking for stuff to use stuff they already have.

its always nice to find something squirreled away, like when you’re cleaning up and find an extra $20 its like a gift to yourself

Im pretty sure you can “search” your assets for items.

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yes you can, however if you think you don’t have this asset why would you search for it, when buying Blueprints and such things or have taken a long break from the game you might not only forget you have it but where it is even located, if you have multiple of the same item it would probably be best to tell you where the closest item is.

You can pretty much do that. when right clicking items u can get a search in assets option too. It can’t indicate you own one of them (which would be cool) because the server overhead every time u right click an item would be bad for the hamsters. Unfortunately u dont get this option in the market window. That they COULD do. (Hint Hint, yes I am looking at you CCP)

on the other hand you can type a category name in the asset window and find all items in that category (ship, datacore, ammo, etc) this will bring up only the stations where they are located.

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I figured if they can add an option to display if something needs omega to use by hovering the mouse over, I figured the space wizards (coders and devs) could put in a small tick box to indicate if you already own that item or not, perhaps this would prompt people to use the find in assets option, or just link it to that check box so you click it and voila, you find the thing. there have been times in game when i’ve used “find in assets” however even though i know for a fact have the item, it doesn’t come up, i bounced this off a few players at the time and they said it was the same for them, so i just assumed it didn’t or hasn’t worked and was one of those teeny tiny bugs everyone knows about but doesn’t care about.

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