Asset search improvement

It would be helpful if the asset search function included blueprints/formulas that are currently in use. The blueprint/formula may be in use, but I still own it, so it should show up in search.

Simply open up the industry tab and see which blueprints you are currently using…

Another nice improvement would be if this tab did not load all my assets and freeze my client in the process. Thank you.

I’ts technically not in your assets when it’s currently in an industry slot. Once your research or production has finished will the blueprint return to you and become once again a part of your assets.

The word “asset” here doesn’t just mean it’s your property, but it also means it’s something of possible use. And while a blueprint is in use can one not use it for something else.

This is more of a QOL change. I am aware that I could see which blueprints are in use by opening industry - that is what I do now - but it would be easier to go to one location when I am trying to determine whether or not I already own something.

I understand, but don’t agree with the possible use argument. By that logic, modules I don’t have the skills to use should not show up in search because I wouldn’t be able to use them. I’ll have to verify, but I think any ship I am currently flying shows up in search - so there we have an item “in use” showing up in search.

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