Blueprints not showing up in ESI corp assets if in use

I see three blueprints in research when I pull corp jobs and get their IDs, e.g. 1027861336148, Maller Blueprint. I then update corp assets and 1027861336148 doesn’t show up in the item_ids. I updated corp blueprints and the ID is there. I checked the assets of the char that started the corp research job and they don’t show up in his assets either. Should the BPs be in the assets list (I also checked by the typeID of the BP and see the copies I made previously but not the BPO)?

If this is an actual limitation of the assets endpoint and I haven’t just messed something up, are there other limitations to getting a complete list of assets?

I checked and jEveAssets finds it and shows the correct location.

Yes. The blueprint isn’t technically in your assets while it is in production so would need to pull assets + the listing of jobs using each blueprint.

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