ESI ItemID to Blueprints item ID, blueprint to materials

Hello there,

I am kind of lost, is the blueprint id completely not cumputable by the item id? I checked a ferw and found it to be completely random.

Also, it seems not to be linked in the item, nor in the blueprint, so how do I get from the blueprint to the item or the item to the blueprint? Am I supposed to read in all items and find it myself?

Also a link to official documentation would be nice.

My next question, how do I get the materials used? Does not seem to be in the blueprint when I get it with universe/types/typeid. Also Industry does not seem to give away any info, where do I look?

Thanks in advance :wink:


You can’t go from an itemid to a blueprint id.

The blueprint id is the typeid (assuming you’re looking at the assets api)

As for the materials, they’re currently not available through ESI. Only the SDE. (if you get the conversion of mine, it’s in the industryActivity* tables)

So I have to search through all types till I find the right one?

The item id of the bpo seems not to be linked in the items JSON also.

Best have a local table then I guess…

As I said, the itemid isn’t linked to the blueprint type.

all the itemID is for, is a unique identifier for the item.

What you want is the typeid for the blueprint. that determines what the blueprint actually is.

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